I treat drunk people like brown bears.

“I treat drunk people like brown bears and it always works! My house, back in Romania, is the last house on the street, the closest one to the forest. Eighty per cent of Europe’s brown bear population lives in those woods, seeing them hanging out in our garden was a normal thing for me growing up. I used to go up to the mountains to hike with my friends and we came across many of them. We never got attacked because we knew you just have to stay calm and slowly back away. One night, we all woke up and heard a huge one sniffing around our tents. It was very scary but we all stayed calm and quiet so he looked around for a while and just walked away… I’m in Dublin for about 5 years now, and I use my skill of staying calm in stressful situations a lot in the bar where I work. Every time a drunk customer pisses me off I just treat them the same way. My colleagues know it already and they always have a good laugh when they see me applying my techniques on the customers who have no idea what is going on.”