I woke up the other day being grateful for the first time

“Growing up, I didn’t really have any stable accommodation and I often spent time unsupervised because my parents had issues of their own that they were dealing with. My clearest memory of my childhood is from when I was eight and I remember this so vividly because this was the day I was taken into care. I remember the guards and social workers arriving and telling me that I wouldn’t be living in my home anymore. I remember standing there with my feet rooted into the floor trying to make sense of what was happening around me. When I was placed into care, I was placed with relatives so this made the transition a little easier but I was separated from my brothers and sisters and I am still trying to build relationships with them now because of that initial separation. I have been going to counselling about my care experience, and talking about it made me realise the impact that day had on me. It was mad to discover that some of the things I struggle with now, my trust issues, my paranoia, depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation lead back to that day. Now as an adult and as weird as it sounds until I was introduced to services like EPIC and joined the youth clubs I didn’t think I would able to live a normal life. I didn’t think people could care about me and I felt completely lost. I woke up the other day being grateful for the first time. I am grateful for the room I have, I am grateful for the relationships I have, I am grateful for the opportunities that I received at the youth club and grateful for the successes of my friends. For the first time, I felt grand and happy where I was… My general outlook for life is changing and I think it’s a good sign, I might be on the right track!”


This post was highlighted by EPIC – Empowering Young People in Care.