I received a calling to drink Ayahuasca

“Since I was little I’ve always been very sensitive and empathetic. If anyone around me felt anxious or angry it would affect me greatly and I often got confused as to whether I was feeling my own feelings or others. I am from a family where we didn’t really talk about feelings and I had a very difficult relationship with my mum so I often felt like I was on my own. I started using drugs and alcohol to block everything out. I studied philosophy, psychology and sociology in an attempt to try to understand myself better before training to become a college lecturer. At the height of my addictions, I was taking a ridiculous amount of drink and handfuls of valium. At this point, I was also working and studying full time, lecturing in a college and when the mania kicked in. During this period, I was actually teaching students about anxiety and depression while going through a nervous breakdown. In the end, it all went downhill very quickly, in about two weeks I lost my mind and everything fell apart. I eventually reached a point when I knew I had to turn my life around, I had to make changes in my life take responsibility for my actions. I’ve always had a strong will so I made a conscious decision to come off drink and drugs. I slowly took my own power back. I started doing yoga and meditation and I would fill my day up with healthy habits. Around this time, I started to go through a spiritual awakening. Years later I received a calling to drink the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. I received four signs in a week so I decided to follow this call and move to South America. I travelled to Peru and spent two months living with a shaman before travelling through Peru and Colombia working with various Shaman’s. I now work as an Ayahuasca coach supporting people through their Ayahuasca experiences. I can’t believe how my life has turned around. It’s been a long and hard journey for me but I’m now in the position to use all my experiences and my transformation to support others.”

This is Claire, she is an Accredited Life and Ayahuasca Coach at Transformation & Ayahuasca Coach You can find out more about her Retreats HERE!