It started with my mom seeing a post on Facebook from this community page called ‘Homeless Mobile Runs’

“It started with my mom seeing a post on Facebook from this community page called ‘Homeless Mobile Runs’. They were looking for extra cooks so she signed up and asked if I wanted to go with her. I didn’t have much else to do so I helped her make a big batch of lasagna. When we pulled up at the end of Grafton Street I was shocked to see hundreds of people queuing up in front of the volunteers. I didn’t expect to see so many people but it was so well organised and the volunteers served a huge variety of food. Everyone was looked after and the community spirit was great. My first day just flew by but it was also eye-opening to see so many people in such a desperate situation. I decided there and then that I would help out regularly and I’ve been doing it every weekend for over a year and a half now. Being in contact with our clients and hearing stories of people dying in doorways; seeing the homeless crisis first-hand, gave me a different way of seeing the city. Last year, I raised over €3000 for sleeping bags and I took a mental health first aid course to understand better what they are going through. I’m studying full time and working at the weekends, this along with volunteering means my schedule is very tight. The volunteers and our clients have inspired me to want to become a Community Garda and give support in disadvantaged areas. I want to be the person out there they can turn to when they need help…”

This is Jamie Carroll Comiskey a Homeless mobile run volunteer. Jamie was nominated and shortlisted in the Dublin Hero category, one out of 16 categories for 98FM‘s #BestOfDublin Awards. You can find out more and vote for your favourite Dubliner HERE!