Every weekend was like a treasure hunt for survival

“I used to work as a chef. It was hard work with long, antisocial hours. I hated it. But I didn’t know anything else. I did it until I burned out and I had no other choice but to leave. While I was looking for another job, a friend of mine asked me to help out minding his antique shop. Coming from such a fast-paced environment where every second count, to a place where even time stops every now and then, was bliss. I loved the slow-paced environment. I decided to start my own antique shop. I rented out this place, it was tiny back then, as tiny it is now. I had no money to invest in expensive lamps and statues so I started going to all sorts of car-boot sales, picking up everything I thought was worth something. Every weekend was like a treasure hunt for survival. In the meantime, my knowledge around antiques developed as well and before I knew it, strings of people started to come directly into the shop to sell and buy. As the years passed, my selection became more refined, just like my customers. I never thought that such a comfortable business was even possible, but here I am! I have sold antiques to Cher, I’ve sold antiques to Rod Stuart, the diversity of people who come through this shop is incredible. There is so much more out there than you can think of, but to see it, you have to step back from what’s in front of your nose.”