I wanted to be beautiful and fit for all the wrong reasons

“I used to compare myself to other people a lot. I would go on Instagram and spend hours looking at their profiles, feeling jealous about whatever they have done on that particular day. I wanted to be beautiful and fit for all the wrong reasons. I felt like I was in a competition for happiness. I wanted to live the life that those people projected onto my screen. After a while, I figured out the code. I started to post photos of myself similar to theirs. I looked happy in the photos and my followers were growing like crazy, however, in reality, my life was often a total mess. I entered beauty contests and fitness competitions because I wanted to prove that I could be one of them. It took me a while to realise that if you compare yourself to others you will never be happy. You should not exercise to be skinny, you should exercise to feel great. I shifted my mindset to focus on positive things only and now I see and experience love wherever I go. I started to surround myself with the right people and they changed me once again. While I was looking for happiness everything was about me, I wanted to prove everything to myself. Now, everything is about other people. My new vision is about helping others and being around good people. It’s not about me anymore but I feel happier than ever.”