I missed him so much that I decided to come after him

“We kept trying for over five years, without any success. We decided to try artificial insemination but it’s super expensive. I mean, for us anyway. I finished college in Moldova, I had a great job! I was a pharmacist, but what can you do with €300 a month? It’s only enough to survive. My dream was always to have children, ever since I was a little girl. My husband told me about this opportunity to come to Dublin to work for a few months on a construction site. He said he would save up the money. But after about five months, I missed him so much that I decided to come after him. I got a job as a cleaner and about three weeks into my new job, I discovered that I was pregnant… Can you imagine? We left everything behind to come here. I love Dublin! I would love to stay but rents are so expensive that we won’t be able to rent our own apartment and I will have no support from Ireland if I deliver my child here. My English is not good enough to get a better job and I am afraid that if my work finds out I’m pregnant they will stop giving me hours… It’s not easy, but to be honest with you, I’ve never been happier in my life!”