I always thought that humans were the scariest creatures in this world.

“This is Shane. He used to be a busy chef but he got a hip injury so he had to look for another career; this is how he ended up in DSPCA. I met him here and we became best friends. I would do anything for this guy! My life didn’t have an easy start. I was found chained to a brick under a trailer somewhere in the country. I was in pretty rough condition. I was left in the dirt, I had almost no fur to protect me and most of my teeth were missing. I was on the edge of giving up, to be honest. I always thought that humans were the scariest creatures in this world. I was very scared of them all. When they took me here I didn’t realize that they actually saved me. I tried to bite everyone who came close to me, but there was Shane. Nobody was ever that gentle or patient with me. Even though I tried to bite him many times he kept coming back, offering me food or just sitting next to me. We eventually started to bond and a few weeks later he took me to his home. I have to say it was a bit crazy there. He has another six dogs and two little humans at home so eventually I had to get friendly with all of them. I remember while I was living there, I used to carry a bag of food everywhere I went. Even if I wasn’t hungry. It was just so comforting to know that I could eat at any time I wanted. Shane gave me warm baths and treated my fur which slowly grew back. I could not believe that my fur was actually white. They were supposed to put me up for adoption as they do with all the other dogs, but we became so close that he kept me. Now I work here too. We do the same shifts so we spend the whole day together.” (Casper, Dog Socializing Assistant)

Together with DSPCA & ‘Small Dogs, Big City’ we want to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and raise awareness of the plight many different kinds of animals endure before ending up in rescue centres. By telling their stories, we hope to encourage people to adopt, not shop.