They said I was the most gorgeous little puppy they had ever seen

“I was a puppy, just a few weeks old when I was found in a cardboard box on the side of the road, curled up in my own vomit – sounds terrible right? I know, but don’t worry, my story turned around pretty quick! I don’t even remember this to be honest, I was so small. I didn’t spend much time in DSPCA back then. They said I was the most gorgeous little puppy they had ever seen. I was adopted by two amazing humans, David and Claire. I lived in their loving home for four years when things started not working out so well for them. When they separated, David left me with his parents but he came back to visit me every so often. I loved it there too but I was probably a little too clumsy and a bit too playful for his parents… so here I am! Back for a new adventure to find another amazing family. I am a very happy dog but I get very depressed being alone in the kennel. I mostly just spend my day curled up on my bed waiting for the next walk. I need to get out of here! I love everybody and everything and I promise my new owner will never be bored around me. I am very attentive, David and Claire spent a lot of time training me, and treats will always refresh my memory!” (Figo)

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The names were altered in this story for personal reasons.

“Is that a treat”