I was so far removed from society that my life was only based around survival day-after-day. #closingdoors

“I would certainly not be here today without Sarah. When I initially went into detox with Dublin Simon I wasn’t thinking about recovery. I just went in to stay away from all the madness on the streets for a few days. By then, I was living on the streets for seven months. I was so far removed from society that my life was only based around survival day-after-day. When I was in detox, Sarah came to talk to me. She asked about my life so I told her my story. She must have seen something in me because she kept nurturing me and looking after me – and don’t get me wrong, all the staff in Dublin Simon are wonderful but I felt she really took me under her wings. Through her, they instilled me with all the life skills I’d lost living on the streets. I told her about my dream as a young girl before I became pregnant at 16. I was part of a football team, I loved playing football and I wanted to become a coach one day. With her supported I stayed in the recovery program and trough that I met the lads at the health and wellbeing program they encouraged me to get back into it, to play again. As scary and impossible as is sounded, I cannot tell you what that meant to me. They gave me a goal, something I didn’t have for a very long time. After the recovery program, I started to play in the homeless football team and I never stopped. Since then, I got to represent Ireland in Brazil and Copenhagen for the homeless world cup, Neymar’s Union Cup, and at the Global Goals. I got injured in the last and while waiting for an operation I went back to study and I did a coaching course. I got my coaching badges and although I can’t play at the moment, I’ve started coaching the girls. It’s mad to think that all it took for me to get to where I am today, was to have someone believe in me and teach me that I could.”

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