We were young at the time so we all needed easy confessions!

“We were all from the same neighborhood. I lived on the same road as some of our members. My back wall went over to Josie. I could hear her dogs barking, her apples fell onto my garden, I could hear her mother shouting at my kids for throwing stones over. I had a lot of friends from that area. They joined the ladies club much earlier. I didn’t because I was a working mother, but they kept talking about it, so after the second year, I decided to check it out. Anyway, one of my favorite memories… I remember getting to know this priest in the club. He was very nice. Very liberal and was easy to confess to. We were young at the time so we all needed easy confessions! There was this lady, I can’t remember her name but she was very religious, there was a huge crowd of us when she decided to put her hand up and asked: Father! Will you tell me what ‘Coitus Interruptus’ means? Suddenly everyone went silent, we had no idea where did she get those words from or what they meant. The father just said calmly: It means how to stop having babies and still have fun. She then asked: But that is still a cause for confession, right? As he was a liberal priest he said: No, it’s okay, you can do that! We all turned around amazed by the new information and one said: ‘We’re going to have a great night tonight!’ love to remember those times… We had wonderful holidays together all over the continent. Germany, Switzerland, France, and we raised a lot of money for a lot of charities too. I will always be grateful to be part of The Harold’s Cross Ladies Club. “

This story is was highlighted by DCC Culture Company to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Harold’s Cross Ladies Club.