Dreams of a Housewife

“There have been hundreds of ladies clubs but there is almost none left. Back then it was a huge organization. The Federation of Women’s Clubs. You had to go on a waiting list to join. But then as the social climate slowly changed and women went to work. When I joined, women didn’t work and the club was the only night out the only chance to catch up with friends. Our opportunities were limited but our dreams were big…”

Dreams of a Housewife by Maura Kelly

If I were not a housewife, I wonder what I would be.
A model on the catwalk, admired by those who see.

I’d wear dresses by Versace, shoes by Jimmy Choo Hats by Philip Tracey and a Fendi bag or two.

Lingerie by Susan Hunter, perfume by Channel. Make-up and a little botox so my age you could not tell.

A doctor very clever, a scientist or a vet,
A famous opera singer, appearing nightly at the Met.

A banker, an artist or a Justice at the bench,
A lawyer in a courtroom or someone teaching French.

A television presenter, or a rising pop star.
An Oscar-winning actress but maybe that’s going a bit too far!

And as I sit here dreaming of a thing that might have been,
I realise my life is meant to shop and cook and clean.

But I am happy with my lot, and although it’s not the latest. I’ve got a hubby and three kids who think that I’m the greatest!

This story is was highlighted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Harold’s Cross Ladies Club, as part of The National Neighbourhood, a DCC Culture Company programme that builds cultural projects with communities, connecting artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places across Dublin City.
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