I’m an introvert, in an extrovert’s body.

“I’ve struggled with several mental health issues for most of my life. As a result of some unfortunate circumstances in my childhood, which I still find difficult to discuss today, I developed severe anxiety and PTSD. I also suffer from psychosis, dissociative symptoms, and OCD. I’ve always felt like an outsider. I’m incredibly socially awkward and find it difficult to cope with general life stuff. I’m an introvert, in an extrovert’s body. I accept that the way I present myself can draw attention and it’s ironic that someone so shy, such as myself, chooses to stand out. For a long time, my appearance and aesthetic choices have been the only things I have felt I have had a sense of control over. The less of a voice I feel that I have had, the more boldly I’ve chosen to express myself. It may sound a bit trivial, but having a sense of bodily autonomy once again, and also pushing myself out of my comfort zone, has given me a sense of pride and happiness that I have not felt in a long time.”