‘With confidence, persistency and hard work, you can achieve anything in this world’. #DIASdiscovers

“My mom always said, “With confidence, persistency and hard work, you can achieve anything in this world”. This mindset encouraged me to study a PhD. in petroleum exploration engineering. I loved how challenging it was, but I liked to be more involved in environmental-related studies. So when I noticed that DIAS had a job in environmental seismology, I applied for it. I was familiar with the wonderful work of DIAS and the diversity of Earth-related research there. When I got accepted, I was very excited to travel to Ireland. I find the field of environmental seismology quite an interesting area. Research in this field can help us better understand the earth in terms of natural resources and geohazards. Last year I started my project that deals with tracking and locating the flowing conduits in Irish Karst. Karsts are natural landforms that develop when the underlying rock is soluble, such as limestone. This project is of great value to Ireland, as near half of the country is underlain by limestone, which is karstified in most regions. Identifying conduits that contain flowing water is important in terms of geohazard and geothechnical engineering projects. I am currently developing and applying, for the first time, methodologies to track these underground flowing conduits. I also enjoy baking cookies!”
This post was highlighted by Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies – DIAS. DIAS actively supports women in research, and to acknowledge their work we have created this series in the lead up to International Women’s Day.