Where I suppose to fit in? Am I more black or more white?

“There would be many situations in college when I would try to call it out, but then… I was the only person of colour in my class. There weren’t even that many black people in my college… People would always belittle or justify what happened and that I should not take it so seriously. Like there was this guy who kept calling me the ’n’ word and I would try to call him out on it. I would ask him to stop, but he would try to justify it by saying that he has black friends so he is allowed to use it. I would say no, you cannot use it! I am saying that you cannot use it on me! And yet he would just continue. I am in my class. Everyone is there. They’re seeing this happen but nobody is saying anything. That part is even more hurtful. Nobody ever stood up for me. I am surrounded by people who don’t understand what I have to go through. I cannot even argue because I am the only one. The only thing I could do is to create all of my projects in college around racism, try to raise awareness, and try to make people understand what people of colour have to go through. Ever since I moved to Ireland, I felt like I was targeted with hate. To the point where I completely isolated myself from everyone and went through an identity crisis. When you are mixed race, it’s even harder. I don’t really fit anywhere. Where I suppose to fit in? Am I more black or more white? I am Irish, but they don’t see me as Irish. I grew up in Nigeria and although I didn’t experience hate there, I didn’t feel like I fit in there either. I know education is the key and this is why I’m telling everyone my experiences. I want to use this time because I feel like, finally, people are listening!”