NTA – Anti-Racism Campaign 4/5

“While most kids want to become firefighters, pilots or football stars, my childhood dream was to become a lawyer. I used to watch Law and Order with my parents and I read a lot of novels and journals about all sorts of court cases. I loved lawyers. I loved how smart they were and the way they always put on a fight only using thought processes and logic to win an argument. Growing up in Ireland, I witnessed and experienced a lot of injustices. The most painful ones were always the ones when I had no say. Those situations made me feel frustrated and powerless. I was quite an argumentative kid in school, but being the only black student didn’t help. It made me want to study criminal law, but by doing it, I realised that it wasn’t for me. I felt that getting into public office would be a better way to represent and share the voice with people who looked like me. I want to give them the opportunity to speak through me in situations where they think they have no power. Since BLM, black people are much more aware that we are the voice of our generation and that our life will have the power to influence change. I will keep writing articles and represent black people in hope for a future where the next generation’s dreams of becoming something will not be inspired by the injustices they experienced growing up.”

This post was highlighted by the National Transport Authority, @transportforireland and the@immigrantcouncilofireland to promote the discussion about diversity and inclusivity in Ireland and to bring awareness to their opposition of racism and discrimination of any kind on public transport.