Covid brought us closer together

“I had only retired and three months later, this whole thing started. I was going to travel with my husband, visiting the locations we had been dreaming about for years, but all those plans were crossed obviously. Covid made me become a very busy grandmother instead! On a level that I didn’t even think I would able to manage anymore. I’ve been in their bubble since last March, taking care of my three grandchildren, all under five, while my daughter and her husband were working. Without Covid, I would have been able to see them only for a couple of hours a week. As strange as it is, Covid brought us closer together. I have found true joy looking after them. We spend a lot of quality time together, but I most enjoy the time I can spend with them individually. Taking them whenever I can with me. It’s amazing what you can do when you really try. My brother had a triple bypass surgery around the same time I retired, and I became his carer as well… So no time to sit down just because you are retired! Life goes on and it’s better to adapt to all these new situations.”