NTA – Go-Ahead Ireland – Misan

“I’ve been in Ireland for over 22 years now. When people ask me where I am from, I always say I am from Dublin. I am a Dub! They usually laugh it off or ask, ‘Okay, but where are you originally from?’ I mean, if I think about it, I could not be any closer to that title. I know Dublin like the palm of my hand. I drove all over the country with Go-Ahead Ireland and I am getting to know the whole country better than most. I moved here when I was a kid. I worked hard to fit in, and to be honest, besides my skin colour, there’s not much else left to change. I don’t expect people to stop asking that question, but somehow, it always hurts a little. I love Ireland, and this is my home. I work here. I live here. I pay my taxes here. The only place where I felt instantly accepted was when I began to drive for GoAhead Ireland. The people there are just fantastic. Driving a bus may not be a dream job for everyone, but man, sure it is for me!”

This post was highlighted by the National Transport Authority, TFI – Transport for Ireland to promote the discussion about diversity and inclusivity in Ireland and to bring awareness to their opposition of racism and discrimination of any kind on public transport. #UnitedAgainstRacism

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