NTA – Luas – Martin

“When I arrived over 25 years ago, Dublin was a very different city. Back then, I could not walk through the city at night without someone asking me if I was selling or dealing with stuff. Being of African origin, I was often stereotyped. Back then, you’d never hear African kids speaking with a Dublin accent or see Irish, African, and Asian kids playing together. To see all this developing in front of my eyes was fascinating. The transformation in the last 25 years is unprecedented. It doesn’t matter what people say, I’m sure that racism is still an issue, but I believe that we are heading in the right direction. I love Dublin; my kids were all born here. To serve my community as a Luas driver is very important to me, as is working for Transdev Dublin, which now employs over 25 nationalities across the board. I am glad that they worked hard to become one of the most multicultural and inclusive companies. The personality that this nation is developing is amazing, and the whole world will take note.”

This post was highlighted by the National Transport Authority, TFI – Transport for Ireland to promote the discussion about diversity and inclusivity in Ireland and to bring awareness to their opposition to racism and discrimination of any kind on public transport. Find out more in the comments section. #UnitedAgainstRacismC

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