Irish couple stole a plethora of hearts when they spoke of their “goodbye to long romantic walks”

The unnamed elderly couple were featured on Humans of Dublin, a Facebook photo project designed to make people more attentive to what is happening with other people around Dublin.

The dapper couple, dressed for a winter walk said, when you get to their age, “you have to say goodbye to certain things.”

“You have to say goodbye to certain things when you get to this age, and one of those things we learned just recently when we went on a holiday to Limerick.

“We had decided to go for a romantic afternoon walk, and we enjoyed it so much that we ended up walking from our hotel to Shannon Airport, which is about 10 miles away.

“You see, we’re both in our 80s and running around just isn’t that easy anymore, but that walk was just fantastic.

“The next day we were very sore, and he hasn’t been able to walk as much ever since, but that day felt like a proper goodbye to long romantic walks.”

Their picture and quote has won people’s hearts with many sending the pair well wishes and hopes for many more romantic walks.

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